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Posted on July 19, 2016

I’m five artist profiles through a series of twelve for The Tulsa Voice on the first group awarded Tulsa Artist Fellowships. I figured I ought to maybe post about them here before I’m finished. Pictured below is Gary Kachadourian, a pen and pencil artist out of Baltimore, MD, who was the first in the series. All of the photos have been/are being shot by Tulsa-based photographer Melissa Lukenbaugh, which I’m excited about because not only is she great to work with and super talented, I love having the consistency of her vision paired with my pieces.

Gary Kachadourian

Gary Kachadourian in his Tulsa Artist Fellowship studio at Hardesy Arts Center, photograph by Melissa Lukenbaugh

Gary was awesome—he gave me two books of his, which are reproductions of his drawings that allow the owner to create an installation like the one pictured above by Xeroxing copies and making wallpaper, or by building mini scale models/scenarios (see photo below). He sells them here and you should definitely buy one or several (price point is around $5).

Dumpster model from "Dumpster and Sofa on Apartment Complex Parking Lot"

Dumpster model from “Dumpster and Sofa on Apartment Complex Parking Lot”

Gary also takes photos of cool cars he sees on the street with his flip phone (yes) and then carves models of the cars out of 2×4’s (yes) because the material is a limitation and doesn’t allow him to be perfect (yes).

I’ve also met with a Native American sound artist, a satellite painting and installation artist, a husband-and-husband installation artist duo, and a sgraffito and woodcutting artist (and writer) who is obsessed with Juárez. Seven more to go. You can see all of the profiles linked to on my work page under the journalism tab.

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