Seven Minutes in Heaven is a reading series of short prose hosted by Liz in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three to five readers dazzle the audience in seven minutes or less. Stay informed on upcoming events here.

Past readings:

Quraysh Ali Lansana, M. Molly Backes, Paul Juhasz, and Sarah Beth Childers at Heirloom Rustic Ales, January 2020

Rhett McNeil, Deborah Hunter, Moheb Soliman, and Kris Rose at OK #1, October 2019

Kathryn Savage, Katie Moulton, Christopher Murphy, and Aaron Whitestar at Tulsa Artist Fellowship, July 2019

Rilla Askew, Sterlin Harjo, Juliana Goodman, and Christa Romanosky at Tulsa LitFest, April 2019

Simon Han, Jennifer Hope Davy, Cassidy McCants, and Nicholas John-Francis Claro at Tulsa LitFest, April 2018

Jennifer Murvin, Laurie Thomas, Nathan Knapp, and Jimmie Damion Travaras Shade at Mainline Art Bar, June 2017

Tatiana Ryckman, AW Marshall, and Kathryn Parkman at Mainline Art Bar, June 2016